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iNPQS Cloud

iNPQS Specifications Platform is a web-based platform and it enhances team collaboration on specifications composition.

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iNPQS System is fully cloud-based. The system is hosted on secure cloud server and is available ondemand, to you, via internet 24×7. Cloud-based application does not require any installation and is platform independent . iNPQS is conveniently available to you – on desktop, laptop and even mobile devices.

GPEs Template

iNPQS database hosts the latest copies of GPE specifications templates. Changes made by GPEs, if any, will be published on iNPQS database, as soon as they are officially release. INPQS users will know for sure the templates available are up to date.


iNPQS is a multi-user and multi-discipline platform. Within an organisation, users are able to share, coordinate and collaborate at different levels on the same work space.

About iNPQS

iNPQS Pte Ltd was jointly set up by SIA, IES and ACES to improve productivity in the building industry through Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.


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