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iNPQS System is fully cloud-based. The system is hosted on secure cloud server and is available ondemand, to you, via internet 24×7. Cloud-based application does not require any installation and is platform independent . iNPQS is conveniently available to you – on desktop, laptop and even mobile devices.

Being cloud-based, the system is auto-updated with the latest software, database and security patches. These are all done on the cloud, taking the load off the end user.

GPEs Template

iNPQS database hosts the latest copies of GPE specifications templates. Changes made by GPEs, if any, will be published on iNPQS database, as soon as they are officially release. INPQS users will know for sure the templates available are up to date.

In addition, iNPQS System will flag out the changes made by GPEs, complete with revision logs. Each revision is clearly versioned with date stamp. This information will come in handy, if you need to refer to older versions of the templates.

BIM Connectivity

If your design is correctly modelled in BIM software such as Revit, iNPQS System is able to scan the objects in your model and auto-generate the relevant specification document. This will also make sure every single object is correctly specified in your document.

With this linkage, you may then query an object for the related specifications and vice versa. When your model is being revised, the linkages will be automatically updated when you resync to iNPQS, capturing any removals and/or additions.

Audit Trail/Access Control

For a multi-user system, audit trail and access control are of great importance. Every single user action made to documents and records is securely logged. You may, for instance, query the system for

  • project record creation date
  • changes made to the record
  • who opened and accessed the record, complete with username and date stamp

Audit trail information is access controlled and only available to those with proper security clearance.

Depending on the access level assigned, each user’s functional access to iNPQS System may vary. This way, user may be assigned to perform different tasks within the same system. As and when needed, the access rules can be easily tweaked via the online tools.


iNPQS is a multi-user and multi-discipline platform. Within an organisation, users are able to share, coordinate and collaborate at different levels on the same work space. The same applies to team members within a project. For instance, a document can be shared amongst team members and they may also comment, review or provide input. Robust audit trail and access control features are in place to ensure data security and integrity.

API – linkage to other systems

Application Programming Interface (API) revolutionizes and opens up limitless possibility for software expansion and development. With this flexibility, innovative and creative 3rd party software developers will be able to add more features and functionalities on top of iNPQS platform. Ultimately, we are aiming at creating a new eco-system beyond specification documentation.

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