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Here are some common questions about iNPQS Platform.

iNPQS Platform

Upload using your own Ms Words template is not possible. The platform can accept files in PDF format instead.
No, Project is only visible to Project Members only. If you share a folder with someone, you can decide what permissions they have to your folder.
Currently, iNPQS will provide 4 CoreSpecs templates based on building typology for Residential, Infrastructure, Industrial & Commercial . In the near future, we will definitely expand to more varieties.
Yes, you can create a "Blank Template".
iNPQS will strive towards working with more GPEs to ensure our Platform has more coverage on specification variaties.
Yes, there will be a date stamp and revision note to the specification document created on the platform.
Yes, PDF export function are made available on iNPQS platform. An user who created a Specification document on iNPQS is able to export as PDF. Please note Words file export is not allowed.
Quality process for the development of iNPQS technical specs includes putting in place the following system :

  • Standardisation of the iNPQS technical specs for all disciplines
  • Each iNPQS Section is prepared and drafted by a Domain Expert in the specialised field.
  • The draft is reviewed by an independent Domain Reviewer.
  • These Sections are made available for the Specification Advisory Committee (SAC) which consists of members including GPEs like JTC, HDB and LTA, and institutions, namely SIA, IES, and ACES, and other professional/practitioners’ bodies like SCAL and SISV.
  • Linkage to Enterprise Singapore on the updates of relevant standards and codes.
  • All Sections are edited by an Editor on the format, and consistency in language and style.
  • All Sections are additionally subject to at least one round of review by the Domain Experts and Domain Reviewers before publication.
iNPQS will consider to incorporate plugins for other BIM software in future. For now, only Revit plugin is made available
Currently, the version support is Revit 2019. We will be looking to develop plugin for Revit 2021 and Revit 2022.
Yes. You can find the video tutorials at our Youtube channel

For FAQs on Subscription and PSG Grants, please refer to here.

About iNPQS

iNPQS Pte Ltd was jointly set up by SIA, IES and ACES to improve productivity in the building industry through Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.


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